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How to Pack Food If You Need to Evacuate

How to Pack Food If You Need to Evacuate

It can be heartbreaking when you’ve done your best as a prepper and stocked up on food supplies to last you for thirty days...
Important Factors When Storing Food

6 Important Factors That Preppers Must Consider When Storing Food

Any prepper worth his/her salt knows that one absolutely must have food stored away for any possible emergency. During a time of crisis, you...
Food Storage Tips

8 Food Storage Tips for Preppers

One of the first thoughts that crosses most people’s minds during times of crisis is food. They wonder if they have enough food at...
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Canning Chili Beans

Canning Chili Beans for a Tasty and Frugal Meal

If you are looking for a quick, no BS way to can chili beans for your preps, jump to this recipe. The best way to...
Ultimate Urban Survival

The Top 5 Ultimate Urban Survival Items You Need

With all the news of mass shootings, riots, and terror attacks happening in major cities around the world, it’s no wonder that so many...