How to Secure Your Home and Prevent Break-ins

Secure Your Home
Secure Your Home

Your home is your shelter. Whenever we think of shelter, we think of safety and security. If there’s a storm outside, we take cover at home and stay safe and warm with a nice cup of coffee. If there’s a hurricane approaching, we may hole up inside our house and try to ride it out.

Whatever the case may be, your home is supposed to be a safe place. However, during a crisis, there may be intruders who try to break into your house and rob you or even hurt you.

Law enforcement will be having its hands full dealing with emergencies everywhere. They’ll be short-handed, and criminals will see an opportune time to strike. It’s up to you to secure your home and make it extremely difficult to break into. There are many different types of crises. Not every crisis is due to a natural disaster.

Terrorist attacks, heat waves, riots, pandemics, air pollution, blackouts and other threats while not as devastating as tornadoes are crisis situations where crime can thrive. In fact, criminals will be more brazen during these times because there’s no risk of them being blown away by strong winds or getting struck by lightning.

This article will give you several tips to get you started. Just implementing these tips will protect your home from intrusions.


  • Keep all doors locked and while you may have your window open for ventilation, it’s best to have window bars installed so that intruders can’t get in.
  • You might wish to install burglarproof windows with unbreakable glass.
  • If you have a ladder outside your house, store it in the garage or use brackets and a lock to secure it to the wall.
  • Do NOT hide a spare key under your welcome mat or flower pot.
  • If you have a dog flap in your door, board it up with a plank of wood and nails.
  • When you’re not at home at night, always leave a lamp on in one or two rooms. This will make potential intruders think that there are people at home.
  • Try not to have too much plants or shrubs around your home. This will provide cover for criminals. There could always be someone hiding close-by waiting for you to return home so that they can force their way into your house when you open the door to enter.
  • If you’re all alone at home and you see people skulking around outside, immediately check to see if all doors and windows are locked. Turn on the TV as loud as you can. This will draw attention from the neighbors and thieves will not want to be near such a noisy house.
  • You should install an alarm system for your house. In case, intruders do manage to break in, the police will be alerted.
  • Having motion sensors which trigger floodlights outside your home is a great idea. Anybody sneaking around in the middle of the night will get a rude surprise when they have more floodlights on them than a Broadway musical. It will send them running for cover.
  • Do not hang your keys on a key rack in open view of everyone. Anyone who peeps into your window will be able to see it and start their devious plans.
  • Last but not least, have a firearm like a 12-gauge shotgun or a Glock that you can use in an emergency. Just the sound of you racking a shotgun will make any possible intruders think twice about breaking. They’re looking for easy pickings and they don’t want to get shot.

Should they do break in, assess the situation and your safety immediately. If there’s more than one intruder, fire a shot at one of them and the rest should run for their lives.

Do not hesitate too long or try to talk things over. You’ll just be giving them time to get organized or gang up on you. Fire fast and accurately. Decisiveness is everything when it comes to surviving a potentially threatening or even deadly situation.

Follow the tips in this article and keep you home as safe as possible at all times. Never be complacent or think that it won’t happen to you. As a prepper, you have to be ready for anything.